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André Turpin

André Turpin


A former student of the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris
Participates in numerous trade shows in France and abroad: Armenia, Belgium, Canada, China,
Korea, United Arab Emirates, United States, Japan, Qatar, Russia, Switzerland.
Annual personal exhibition in Paris
Achieved the following rewards:
Villepreux Painting Salon (78) - 2008 - Guest of Honor
Salon Ambassadors' Award Kortrijk (Belgium) - 2005 - Silver Medal
Painting room Franconville (95) - 2004 - Guest of Honor
Salon of paintings Chanteloup-les-Vignes (95) - 2002 - Guest of Honor
Salon of paintings Saint-Dizier (52) - 2001 - Guest of Honor
Exposition Franco-Japonaise 5th Artex - 2001 - Special Prize
Saint-Cloud Painting Room - 1999 - Lion's Club Award
European Academy of Arts Gembloux (Belgium) - 1999 - Gold Medal
Salon A look at Art HEC (78) - 1998 - Prize of Honor
1996 International Academy of Lutece Competition - Silver Medal
Salon des Arts Suresnes (92) - 1997 - 1st Prize of Painting
Concours Internationale Académie de Lutèce - 1996 - Silver Medal
Concours International Academy of Lutetia - 1995 - Bronze Medal
European Artistic Merit Saint-Aignan (41) - 1993 - Silver Medal
7th Biennial Ypres (Belgium) - 1993 - Distinction
The Lords of Art Aix en Provence (13) - 1993 - Prix d'Excellence

Is a member of the Salon d'Automne and the Taylor Foundation


My research attempts to reconcile or telescope contradictory elements: spontaneity and
The rigor, the fortuit and the voluntary, the subtlety of the passages and the precision of the line. After a long period of wise colors based, besides black and white, on ochres and blues, my current palette opened to the richness of the rainbow.

The work is born of an impulse or of an idea, of a leap into the unknown of the chances of improvisation, but an organization of surfaces comes to impulse a general rhythm. It is only a feeling of satisfaction that warns that The work can live by itself

My preferences go to acrylic paint that sometimes complements an addition of natural pigments and oil paint. As a backing besides paper and canvas, polyvinyl chloride panels are frequently used. For their durability and ease of use.

My artistic approach is similar to that of a selfish-generous
Innovative personal expression needs to develop to venture into
Unknown regions whose attractiveness is not obvious. The pleasure which the artist feels in contemplation, and the creation of new sources of interest and new beauties, does not jealously guard. Through the presentation of his works the author seeks to share his emotions.

The public discovers by it new sources enriching the field of the cultural acquis.

Thus Chardin's cauldrons and game show the spotlight on the paintings of unattractive objects. The same applies to the scenes of everyday life exhaled by the Impressionists or the charm of color in the paintings of the Fauves, as early as 1905. The researches that I am currently making on colors, after those on the subjects (1995-2008), Lines (1975), Abstraction and Feelings (1969), seek to express my curiosity and my constant amazement at the splendours of life that I wish to share by the greatest number.

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