The Team

Edouard Chamly

Co-Founder of
Bathed in art ever since, he decides to meddle in the worlds art market by creating an e-commerce platform in his image.

Manon Eynard

Co-Founder of
Sharing the same passion, she decides to bring her stone to the edifice of the art mart market on the internet.

Comité d'experts

An expert committee of the artistic world to validate the professional inscriptions and contents put on sale by the latter.


Because Art is timeless, we have conceived a sales platform to deal artworks online. The originality lies in the presentation of artworks covering more than 5 centuries of art history.

Bringing together the different artistic currents is an innovative idea, because Art must not be confined. It is intended, like the artists of every age, precursors in their time, innovative, creative and inventive. All Art lovers or collectors should keep in mind that the artists were in turn contemporaries of their times!

By offering its visitors artworks selected by an artistic committee, Artmédiacom is promoting classical, modern and contemporary art, giving high visibility to Antique dealers, gallerists and contemporary artists.

Through their online galleries, these actors in the art market is committed to offer quality artworks, certified and authenticated.

Involve different periods without establishing border is a key to our success. However, exchanges with users remain essential and is one of our priorities, to build a level of demand and ensure quality service.

Artmédiacom aims to offer artworks in a wide range of prices, because Art is not just for the elite but must be accessible to all.

Art is provocative emotion, also optimally utilizing the new information and communications technology, Artmédiacom aims to rally the players in the art market and collectors around a single passion: art.

Art is a passport to travel through eras, currents but also countries.
Decompartmentalize Art is with this notion of openness that Artmédiacom is meant to be a sales platform in different and innovative line.

Our Values Trust - Quality - Innovation

Our slogan The best place to Sell, Exhibit and Buy Artworks.