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  • Exhibition "Chanel Autrement" / Homage to Magritte.

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  • Exhibition "Chanel Autrement" / Homage to Magritte.

    Exhibition "Chanel Autrement" / Homage to Magritte.

    Emerging artist and appreciated by art lovers, has been noticed at various exhibitions. Self-taught, Franck Doat is an accomplished artist in many artistic fields, notably photography.

    "I avoid the norms and thus, I am free to make mistakes and to explore new paths with my heart"

    Now he shares his own gallery with other artists in the Ségurane village in Nice (France).

    His photographs taken from the “Chanel Autrement” collection are taken in his workshop and produced in only five copies (Premium silver print)

  • Fresco in bloom the maps and heritage of the 39 municipalities of Vexin-Normand

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  • Fresco in bloom the maps and heritage of the 39 municipalities of Vexin-Normand

    Fresco in bloom the maps and heritage of the 39 municipalities of Vexin-Normand

    In Château-sur-Epte, in the Eure, the Norman Vexin is drawn on the walls
    Château-sur-Epte. The artist Pierre Marcel made a painting on the wall of the old station, symbolizing the Norman Vexin.

    Real work of a year every day of this great beautiful useful fresco, from August 4, 2019 to August 5, 2020, Pleasantly ordered by our magnificent CdC Vexin-Normand!

    Photo album on Flickr shows how I studied and therefore presented in good art the 39 municipalities in exactly their maps and known heritage:

    “The idea was to present the map of each city down to the centimeter, but turned into flowers. And in the middle, I painted the most famous heritage. "For Pierre Marcel, the fresco is the image of his" style of art "," positive ".

    The work, commissioned by the community of communes of Norman Vexin, was inaugurated on Wednesday, after several months of work. It cost around € 8,000. Its location, the wall of the old Château-sur-Epte station, was chosen with care. "This is the start of the green way", underlines the local painter.
    " Front door "
    The village, the last to join the community of municipalities in 2018, also marks “the gateway to Norman Vexin”, notes Franck Capron, vice-president in charge of Culture. Historically, it is less than three kilometers away, in Saint-Clair-sur-Epte (Val-d'Oise), that the treaty separating the two Vexins was signed, recalls Pierre Marcel.

    The 39 cities are thus represented in the form of a colorful bouquet of flowers, on a canvas measuring 9 m by 6. Said bouquet perfectly matches the map of the territory. And at the bottom: the logo of the community.

    The request also aimed to "support and promote the work of local artists," defends Franck Capron.
    An explanatory panel will be produced to detail the fresco for walkers and tourists. "Each of the municipalities will be able to order a work of 60 by 80 cm" taken from the life-size painting, specifies the elected official.

    Video presenting this year-long work: