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Atelier du Krabe

Atelier du Krabe

He has always been in contact with the image, from his beginnings in a society
of graphic arts from the north of France.
The image he triturated, cut, digitized, colored, retouched.
After several pataphysical tests and researches, the interior fire is
him. And then it produces, it works, not in the "fordian" sense of the term, but
rather in the direction and the current of the signo tangramienne movement.
Geometric forms, ancestral cultures and ancient signs created by man
for man, this is what our man feeds on.
Its basis, its raw material is the ancestrality, the revisitation of humanity,
in all its simplicity with its codes, its signs, and especially its colors.
One does not look at his acrylics on canvas, one feels them with his heart, his
mind and his hands. See me ... Feel me ... Touch me.
A pictorial dimension loaded with emotions, and interiority, full of strength,
colors, organic forms, symbols of an ancestral past or humanity
through a mystifying symbolism, opens us a passage to a universe
or mind, heart and hands serve as a guide.
The light illuminates the darkness ...
Brus (roots) .... Tendiwa (ame) ...... Dün (heart) .....
Come, you also to the pictorial encounter of the acrylics of KOWALSKI.
A journey through signs, colors, codes and rites.
By the Human For the Human.
© - Copyright Bruno KOWALSKI. - All rights reserved.
KOWALSKI / Atelier du Krabe
3 rue de Verdun
29510 BRIEC
06 33 29 73 85
KOWALSKI / Atelier du Krabe
Siret number: 50991741500010
MDA ID: K208649.

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