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The painting's vocation is to make us dream and to give us another perspective on life, to open up perspectives by making us broaden our points of view on life.

My first birth happened in 1954 in Algiers, then I arrived in France in 1962. Of my years in Algeria, it was especially the desert areas of the Sahara that marked me.
My second birth took place in 1995, when a professor of visual arts made me discover the world of art.
On the point of stopping, believing I had gone around what the painting could bring me, I had the revelation.
Alone in the workshop, in front of a large canvas, something that I do not know own will reveal itself to me. With each brushstroke, each change of color, I felt a kind of euphoria. The canvas assembled intuitively almost in spite of myself. It was necessary to reassure me, to find the answers to all the questions which invaded my mind.
Then begins a period of two years of introspection, self analysis. I met other artists, some of great renown such as Pierre Soulages, one of my major influences with Zao Wou Ki and Olivier Debré, to find out if they had the same experiences. Following this initiatory journey, an artistic approach was born. And to concretize it pictorially, I had to undertake another research, technique that one.
The source of my creation is based on emotion, I wait for the canvas to move me. My writing is oriented towards a painting that makes the most of this sensitivity. Through this inner journey that my paintings trigger, I am in the perpetual search for this sensation and continues as long as it does not occur.
In some canvases, we can distinguish a graphic expression where the color that compose them seem to be structured around the line. If we must name the influences
The masters I recognize are, first of all, the paintings of the Impressionists that come to mind. Just as I feel a particular affinity with the paintings of the precursor of this
movement - Turner - in whom the line comes to give just the right amount of figurative structure to the color and the light that emanates from it.
Throughout my work and my career, I moved away from drawing as a structuring element of my paintings. Turned towards a more sensitive and intuitive approach to color and its transparencies. Thus, I am looking for experiences, to be faced with painting, facing the canvas and by extension, the experience of being in the world.

Artistic approach
The painting's vocation is to make us dream and to offer us another perspective on life, to open horizons by making us reflect and broaden our points of view on life.
My primary motivation is obviously related to the need to feel emotions. It is to reach such a secret that I look for a spiritual anteriority that will justify it. When I paint, it is first of all to be in harmony with my soul. My painting is a vector of the intimacy of everyone, a trigger of emotions and sensations often ignored.
To expose my work is to provide a means for others to come into contact with their spirit. Finally, it is to make them discover personal emotions, often buried under a chain of prejudices imposed by everyday life.
In short, make them aware of their true personality.
I am modestly a smuggler of light. This same light generating a sensitivity that lives in each of us that we listen too little and that we ignore very often.
My painting is an invitation to leave the world intelligible to the side of the road to be carried to a sensitive world.
There is no question here of losing by pompous and meaningless speeches those who will go to work.

She is emotion and not reflection.

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