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J-C Bertrand artiste peintre

J-C Bertrand artiste peintre


I feel intimately the expressive and lyrical force of matter and color as a privileged material to give birth to my sensory emotions following my musical, oenological, olfactory, gastronomic and aesthetic discoveries.
I paint in a non-figurative way to escape from any reference to anecdotal images stored in my cognitive memory, privileging the resurgence of my buried emotions. This iconographic silence obliges me to write a truer and more spiritual, responding powerfully to my true inner necessity.
It is for me to go in search of the optimal harmony between what my unconscious restores to me in energy and expression and what I consciously control by structure, order and analysis. At times appropriate, my intuition throws a bridge between these two worlds and the resulting alchemy crystallizes then giving meaning to my work on forms, colors and rhythms. The canvas is thus structured in this permanent crucible where consciousness, unconscious, intuition and personal choices clash, confront, and complement each other until their overlapping to my evident eye. The finishing point is then decided.
The work has its own legitimacy and existence only when it gives itself to be seen, that it surrenders itself to the reader so that he can venture in his turn and feel the beautiful emotion that reaches us in listening to music, tasting a wine, a dish, breathing a perfume ... and which gives us the irresistible desire for happiness and sharing.
Here is why I like to say that I am a happy painter, very attached to giving meaning to the essential in a tormented world and I like to think that my works give pleasure to those who discover them.


- I paint as I feel, very intuitively, very feline, without initially an "intellectual" reflection ... I wish to remain virgin and not to "illustrate" a music, a wine, of a perfume .....

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