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Native of Nîmes. Training at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Nîmes. Influences: Gerhard Richter, Miquel Barcelo, Peter Doig, Philippe Cognee, Cy Twombly, Pierre Soulages, to name a few.

I paint on the sensation, the inspiration, the feeling of the moment, without calculation, in order to preserve the freshness which results from it. My painting is, above all, emotional, sensitive, intuitive. In this sense, it is not, or little, figurative, in order to create very personal worlds. It is stripped and purified as time goes by, to get rid of the superfluous, the useless. For me, each artistic experience, each canvas, derives from the previous one and thus enriches and influences the next one. Because everything is linked to something that precedes it and, as Pierre Alechinsky says: "It is very difficult to foresee in advance what you are going to do, you have to do it and the slightest trait inspires another. . "

I would like to bring the viewer to the dream, to somewhere else. Make emerge the emotion by the simple glance. I would like him to cross a limit, mine or his, besides, that he enters another world, that he goes to another dimension, consciously or unconsciously and this thanks to the universes which are born on my canvases and the through which he will find, imagine, invent, elaborate his story.

For what makes creation take such and such a form? How is the hand guided? By whom, by what? Is the brain alone responsible? I do not believe. We do not know.

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