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Phil Jacques

Phil Jacques

The series of portraits / self-portraits began at the end of 2013. I am currently working on paper, cardboard and canvas, mainly in 50 x 70, 60 x 80 and 70 x 100 cm formats: acrylic

In portraits and self-portraits, there must be faults and cracks, tears or spaces that will allow the projection to the outside or on the contrary that will allow to be introduced. They are intimately linked to my experience. In my painting, it has become today a de-reason to be!

"You know in my case - and the older I get, the more it is - any painting is accidental. So I see in advance the thing in my mind, I see it in advance, and yet I almost never realize it as I foresaw. It is transformed by the very fact that there is painting. "

Francis Bacon

"..... even if it's not visually me who's on the board, it's still a self-portrait because it's still me who painted it. Every time I paint someone, I will not try to make it look like it, I do not care that the painting looks like the person. It's stronger than that. I'm going to try to put in what exactly we do not see, what people do not see. And even without knowing the person, nor his experience, nor anything at all. I will try to go consciously and unconsciously, there is everything in there, something that goes beyond the visual image. It's bringing out something that you can not see with the naked eye somewhere. ..... »

Philippe Pasqua (Self-portrait / Séguier)

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